And Now For Something Completely Different

This SHIP by Cecilie Fritzvold isn’t like anything I’ve seen before.

Zea'x Dauphyz

A peaceful vessel of exploration, the Zea’x Dauphyz is faintly reminiscent of a blue whale, in the way it gracefully seems to hang in space. There the comparison stops however, because this spaceship uses some really mind-bending construction techniques to make elaborate curved surfaces speckled with trans-green; and trails various tentacles in its wake, also punctuated by trans-green.

Zea'x Dauphyz

It’s wonderfully alien, and a really unusual change in the pace of the annual SHIPtember contest. I’ve also created a new tag for this post, Fragile as Hell, as I reckon this thing falls to bits if you so much as LOOK at it.

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