Play Space

What do I like about this little Cargo Spaceship by spaceruner? One word: playability.

Square Y - transport ship

This is a really sweet little build that would have been enormous fun to play with when I was 8 years old. It’s got this really cute square shape, marked out in a striking colour scheme with yellow edges and a fun trans orange bubble window on top – so it just looks FUN to swoosh around.

Square Y - transport ship

But when we swoosh in to land we get to open up the front, disgorge the little buggy and scoot the little cargo pods back and forth, loading the ship to blast off on another delivery. This kind of detail might seem like it’s just a neat extra to an adult, but anyone with small children will know this is seriously engaging entertainment. Kids don’t necessarily need added conflict and stud shooters to enjoy playing with spaceships – just loading and unloading this thing is going to be hours of fun.

Square - Y

The builder has also photoshopped a picture to be a neat recreation of a Classic-Space-style box art. It’s got me thinking that a set like this would kind of bridge the gap between Space and City. The play functionality is EXACTLY what City sets do all the time; but which there’s no room for in the LEGO Star Wars theme. Makes me think I’d like to build more examples of Space/City sets – Space Fire Engine, Space Police, Space Pizza Van…

Square Y - transport ship

The cockpit’s got some lovely old-school detailing (hello incongruous steering wheel!) and it looks like if a customer doesn’t pay their shipping fees the massive gatlin gun can tear them to shreds! Maybe it DOES have an element of conflict after all!

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