Driving a Wedge

Some time back I blogged a spaceship that was clearly based on a lifting body concept, like a more advanced futuristic take on the aborted X-33. Builder Nick has taken that concept to the next level with his SAB S-44 Kestrel, evolving a similar shape into a further-future Starfighter. It’s the black and white colour scheme that […]


File this under “I didn’t realise this was LEGO until I clicked on it”. Builder Lia Chan has made this fantastically detailed large scale model of the SLS – the “Space Launch System” proposed replacement for the Space Shuttle which will (possibly) ferry future crews to earth orbit, the ISS and the moon. She’s also […]


This is an older build by the talented Damien Labrousse, but caught my eye for its really daring design. It’s entirely asymmetrical, with one side dominated by a big fin and the engine block; whilst the other has a smaller fin and gun/sensor pod thingy. I know from experience that these asymmetrical designs are harder […]