Virtual! Virtual! Virtual!

I’m pretty sure this is the first post I’ve done about a virtual spaceship, created using LEGO building software and rendered in 3D. This is odd because a) I build all my MOCs in LDD as well and b) I run a CGI animation studio, so I’m very familiar with 3D, rendering and such. The Antares […]

One small steppe for a man

When the Americans got to the moon in 1969 the Russians quietly shelved their plans for a lunar landing. Those plans were never nearly as concrete as the Americans, and were hindered by the fact their massive N-1 rocket blew up on take off consistently six times in a row. But they had already developed their lunar […]

Guuuuns Iiiin Spaaaace!

Aliens has a lot to answer for. The sequences with the Colonial Marines hunting Aliens through the spooky corridors of the base is probably the single biggest influence on video games to this day. Not only that, they arrived a pretty cool spaceship: the Sulaco, a brutal looking dark grey slab of warlike intent. Likewise, the […]

The Need for Speed

This MOC by FonsoSac is described as a “landspeeder” so maybe it’s not a spaceship. However it’s got massive spacey engines and looks like it’s in a Star Wars vein, so what the hell. It’s a really nice little build, which crams a lot into a small space. The dark blue colour scheme is fantastic and the massive […]