The Brick

For some reason I have a thing for unconventional spaceship designs. I actually like it when a spaceship is all kinds of ungainly and freaky looking, but when you look at the details you can see how it might make a kind of practical sense. Case in point: this ship from Aaron Williams “known affectionately as […]


If you asked me to name a favourite builder, I’d be torn to choose just one; but I’d eventually have to plump for Nnenn. Nate “nnenn” Nielson tragically died in a car accident in 2010, but left an amazing legacy of LEGO spacecraft. His vehicle of choice was the Vic Viper; a simple arrangement of prongs, wings and fins […]

Millennium Falcon

Flickr user Marshal Banana has already taken the internet by storm with his awesome Millennium Falcon MOC. With over 7500 pieces it features working lighting and is sturdy enough to be swooshable. I have to admit I’m suffering from a serious case of Falcon envy.