Andromedan Olive

I stumbled upon “Chrysalide”, an Andromedan armoured starfighter by Flickr user Shamisenfred. I really like the simplicity of the build, which uses just a couple of different key pieces (in olive green!) to create an organic, alien look. The conservative splashes of purple and gold really pop and there’s some neat use of stickers to add […]

Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!

S.H.I.P. – Seriously Huge Investment in Parts – A LEGO spaceship model of over 100 studs in length (80cm). This massive Hiigaran Destroyer by Aaron Fiskum certainly qualifies both on the size criteria and what must be a ton of LEGO elements contained therein. It’s a nice model too, with some great shaping to recreate the original model seen in […]

Carrion Bounty Hunting

Carrion? Carry-on? Get it?! Oh never mind. MEANWHILE over on Flickr BobDeQuatre posted this lovely little KH-1 Vulture Bounty Hunter ship. This is one of those groovy designs that has to swivel and fold up in order to land – like this: Vulture… Carrion? CARRY ON Bounty Hunting. Nobody?! C’mon!

Not Dark Bley

The last time I blogged a MOC by ska2d2 I jokingly said he’d “broken out the dark bley again” and in fairness if you scroll through his Flickr feed there is a lot of it in there. I don’t know if he heard me (probably not) but suffice to say he’s broken out of his Bley Period with this […]

A Classy Classic

How did I never see this before?!? I’ve been thinking about building a Classic Space MOC myself lately and had worked out all these rules for what I think a Classic Space ship should be: functional, clean lines, exploration centred (no massive guns). Then I stumble upon this incredible ship by Mark Sandlin which ticks all my boxes! This […]

Chasing the Unconventional

I’m always looking for unconventional designs. Something that doesn’t look like anything I’ve really seen before, but looks functional and which I believe could actually fly in space. This Chaser R4 by David Steeves succeeds on both levels.

A Sharp Intake (of breath)

This is our second virtual build – and it’s a doozy. I love the slick shaping of this little Scrapper Shuttle by tsower; with its neat blue/grey colour scheme and really impressive white markings. But it was the intakes on those big engines that caught my eye – there’s a really nice use of the tapered […]

Shadow Hawk

I love this MOC by Ordo. I love the unconventional, asymmetrical design, with the body running laterally; I love the big black gun things that make up the centre section and the way the cargo pods are fitted into the right hand side. The colour scheme is neat and there’s some nice shaping to keep it […]

Mars or Bust

This is the first post I’ve made of a virtual model constructed in LDD. I use LDD myself to design MOCs and then source the parts via BrickLink in order to construct the model, mainly because I don’t have a ton of LEGO at hand nor a dedicated space to keep it. AFOL anon has used […]


One of the criticisms often thrown at LEGO today is that it’s all big specialised pieces that really only serve one purpose and can’t be made into anything else; such as this big dumb skateboard ramp piece. Fortunately F@bz isn’t listening to that kind of daft arse talk, because he built it into a spaceship.