On the Edge of the Storm

Nick Trotta has built a new spaceship and it’s amazing. It’s black and white with bits of grey, has a big railgun running down the whole length of the thing and I’d very much like to swoosh it around while making pew-pew noises.

Red or Dead

For the last little while ska2d2 on Flickr has been building a suite of ships with a very coherent aesthetic. His latest creation Red 3 is typical: dark grey, blockish with smart bevels and curves, brick built markings and an unconventional layout. There are some neat little details too and a very clever cockpit that slides out for pilot access. […]


“Pashli” is a Russian word meaning “Let’s go”; which I believe was said by Yuri Gagarin as he waited for blast-off on the launchpad. Meantime Tyler has knocked out this splendid model of a Russian Soyuz capsule, a workhorse of manned spaceflight for nearly 50 years. It’s fitting perhaps that this should be the first post tagged “Real Space” […]


Rob D takes the best LEGO photographs in the world. He’s also no slouch as a builder, and has teased his Flickr followers for a few weeks with close ups of his Nova Corp of classic spacemen working on a mysterious something… Now he’s revealed the LL-962 “Arrow” Mark II on his public: a rebuild of his […]

It Ain’t Pretty But it Works

You might recall I said I had a thing for unusual spaceship designs. A few days back I saw that skilled builder .Tromas was working out the angles on something using a concept sketch I recognised as a design I had seen before from the Star Wars universe – and which I had mentally bookmarked as being a good […]

To Boldly Build

Star Trek is not a subject well served by the medium of LEGO. Its spacecraft are made of elegant curves and flimsy appendices held together with spindly pylons that defy the blocky medium of LEGO. Which was why when I saw this recreation of the USS Enterprise from the rebooted Star Trek by Riskjockey my jaw literally fell […]

The Devil’s in the Detail

I know that there is a thing called Homeworld and that it’s some sort of computer game, but that’s ALL I know about it. However, Damien Labrousse has built this amazing Vaygr Minelayer which I know for sure is twelve types of awesome with an extra helping of awesome sauce. I love the way he’s cleverly used pieces to […]

Bigger is Better

Sometimes you have to go big. At MacDonald’s for instance, when bragging about your manhood, or when building a LEGO spaceship. This model by Joe & Will Merzlak “Toad” is an Ultra Heavy Cargo Transport so suitably it’s nice and chunky with lots of room for, well, cargo.


Sometimes, when I’m wrestling with a particularly fiddly bit of construction which I just can’t figure out, I begin to despair. I think that maybe it can’t be done, maybe there’s just no way to make it look good without a load of studs sticking out or something. At those moments I look at the […]