At! At! At!

We take our spaceships-only policy very seriously; and it’s not infrequently that something comes along so heartbreakingly astounding it practically demands to be blogged; but it’s inconveniently a mecha/rover/sausage or something. Fortunately this amazing dio by GolPlaysWithLego has snowspeeders in it, which are spaceships, right (RIGHT?!) so it’s fair game. This is the third version he’s […]

Hammer Time!

Whatever else you may think about Rogue One, you’ve got to agree they did a nice job putting in references to the other films and TV series. One that got fans of the Rebels TV series purring like kittens was the scene where a Hammerhead Corvette rams a Star Destroyer. Cue this LEGO version by […]


File this under “I didn’t realise this was LEGO until I clicked on it”. Builder Lia Chan has made this fantastically detailed large scale model of the SLS – the “Space Launch System” proposed replacement for the Space Shuttle which will (possibly) ferry future crews to earth orbit, the ISS and the moon. She’s also […]

Bird of Obsession

My wife frequently tells me I am obsessed with LEGO. But believe me I’ve got nothing on Kevin J. Walter, who has spent the last 15 years trying to build a perfect LEGO model of the Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek. He’s recently achieved that goal and the results are astounding; so rather than […]

Colony! Colony! Colony!

I love the idea of a gigantic starship sailing through space to colonize a new planet; but what exactly are you going to DO when you get there? Sunder_59 knows the answer – you’re going to deploy all the specialist colonisation equipment the big starship brought with it, of course! Behold the Patriach Class Colonial Ship. Firstly, this […]

A Harrowing Tale

Every now and again a MOC presents itself which I try to blog and realise I’ve got nothing to say other than “Oh my god that’s AMAZING!”. One such case was the Harrower Class Star Destroyer model by Koen Zwanenburg (Koen on Flickr). Not quite a SHIP at 75cm long and consisting of about 5,700 elements; it […]

Defiant and Reliant

You know I’m a sucker for a good Star Trek MOC; and foxprimus101 has served up two. I’ve never been a massive fan of the USS Defiant, because whilst I really dig the role it played in Deep Space Nine and the idea of a purely combat driven starship is really cool; I think the design is a […]