Big Green Machine

NuthinButTheRain got a bunch of olive green parts and built a spaceship! The USS Maverick is a Hornet Class Frigate and fits nicely in a school of starship design informed heavily by the Sulaco from Aliens. The olive green colour leaves us in no doubt that it’s a military vehicle, just in case we didn’t notice […]

And Now For Something Completely Different

This SHIP by Cecilie Fritzvold isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. A peaceful vessel of exploration, the Zea’x Dauphyz is faintly reminiscent of a blue whale, in the way it gracefully seems to hang in space. There the comparison stops however, because this spaceship uses some really mind-bending construction techniques to make elaborate curved surfaces speckled with trans-green; […]

Meet the Fleet

It was Brickworld last week, and US builders are beginning to post the creations they took to the show. Tim Schwalfenberg gives us not one but FOUR amazing Homeworld builds, including one SHIP. First up the Vagyr Corvette is a zippy little number that flies around shooting things. The Vaygr Missile Frigate lives up to its […]


Remember how it turned out we’d never covered a SHIP? Well, they’re like buses because you wait for ages and then along comes this beauty by LegOH! It achieves something few SHIPs achieve – it’s wonderfully playable. The Dirty Dan is an Octan Rubbish ship, and it looks like it’s designed to tear apart other ships and […]

Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!

S.H.I.P. – Seriously Huge Investment in Parts – A LEGO spaceship model of over 100 studs in length (80cm). This massive Hiigaran Destroyer by Aaron Fiskum certainly qualifies both on the size criteria and what must be a ton of LEGO elements contained therein. It’s a nice model too, with some great shaping to recreate the original model seen in […]