Driving a Wedge

Some time back I blogged a spaceship that was clearly based on a lifting body concept, like a more advanced futuristic take on the aborted X-33. Builder Nick has taken that concept to the next level with his SAB S-44 Kestrel, evolving a similar shape into a further-future Starfighter.


It’s the black and white colour scheme that roots the model firmly in a plausible future. In fact, the covering of tiles seems to echo the tiles that made up the heat shield of the space shuttle. The shaping is also excellent, with an almost seamless approach resulting in a really impressive wedge shape across multiple axes.

SAB S-44 Kestrel

There’s some great details too, and I love the RCS thruster clusters built into the corners; and the Nexo Knights shield pieces used to build the engine exhausts; which is reminiscent of a stealth fighter.  Extra marks for the cool loadout shoot too, and for using a Classic Space canopy.


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