Hammer Time!

Whatever else you may think about Rogue One, you’ve got to agree they did a nice job putting in references to the other films and TV series. One that got fans of the Rebels TV series purring like kittens was the scene where a Hammerhead Corvette rams a Star Destroyer. Cue this LEGO version by Daryl Ng.


Daryl’s done a fantastic job of building this as a SHIP (90cm long = 112 studs) making great use of curved panels and 4×4 macaroni pieces build the cylindrical parts of the body. Orange parts duplicate the colouring from the movie / TV show and of course the eponymous head is suitably hammery.


I’m not a massive fan of the design, but it does feel firmly like a product of the same technology as the original movie’s Blockade Runner. Daryl’s put it on LEGO ideas so you can vote for it to be an official set, something it stands literally NO chance of becoming; but you never know we may see a more suitably scaled set one day.


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