Guuuuns Iiiin Spaaaace!

Aliens has a lot to answer for. The sequences with the Colonial Marines hunting Aliens through the spooky corridors of the base is probably the single biggest influence on video games to this day. Not only that, they arrived a pretty cool spaceship: the Sulaco, a brutal looking dark grey slab of warlike intent. Likewise, the Sulaco has cast a long shadow over spaceship design in video games and beyond.

Halo: Reach UNSC FFG-371 Savannah

Exhibit A – this model of the UNSC FFG-371 Savannah from Halo: Reach by Nick Brick. I recall reading somewhere the Sulaco design was basically intended to look like a big gun in space, and this model certain achieves the same goal, the design having much in common with the rifles seen in the same game.

It’s a pretty awesome build , crammed full of details which captures the aggressive stance and is and suitably accurate to the real thing in the game.

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