Bucking the Trend

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century has not aged well. Made in the late 70s / early 80s when the entire world was trying to emulate the success of STAR WARS, it perhaps best serves now as an example of how difficult it is to reproduce that film’s magic formula. If one element stands out […]


You wait ages for a troop carrying rebel Starfighter and then two come along at once. Unlike SPARKART!’s midi-scale offering, Joshua Brookes‘ is built at minifig scale, a bit larger and more accurate than the official LEGO set. It’s basically Fully Awesome, and the only nitpick I have is the square opening of the engine […]

Justice Wins ALWAYS!

A while back I blogged the excellent Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost by Billyburg and noted the similarity to another great set: 10191 Star Justice, a LEGO Factory set from 2008 which was designed by LEGO fan Chris Giddens. You got a couple of neat little spaceships, a truck/rover thing that hinged in the middle, a […]

Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

Cole Blaq is one of those builders whose work boggles the mind on every occasion, so when he turns his attention to a Star Wars mashup you know it’s going to be something special. Apparently this product of bodging different ships together is known as an “ugly” but Cole’s X2BTy is strangely beautiful. Top marks for his […]