Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

Cole Blaq is one of those builders whose work boggles the mind on every occasion, so when he turns his attention to a Star Wars mashup you know it’s going to be something special. Apparently this product of bodging different ships together is known as an “ugly” but Cole’s X2BTy is strangely beautiful. Top marks for his […]

The Need for Speed

This MOC by FonsoSac is described as a “landspeeder” so maybe it’s not a spaceship. However it’s got massive spacey engines and looks like it’s in a Star Wars vein, so what the hell. It’s a really nice little build, which crams a lot into a small space. The dark blue colour scheme is fantastic and the massive […]

Upper Case “Y” Wing

.Tromas has obviously been seduced by the Dark Side or something, because he seems to have developed an uncanny knack for cracking out Star Wars MOCs which spectacularly nail the Star Wars style in all sorts of exciting new forms. Exhibit Y: the Koensayr YT-T3 Invader. Basically it’s a supersized Y Wing with two pilots up […]

Kessel Run in 12½ Parsecs

It’s universally accepted that the millennium falcon is the coolest spaceship in the universe. Probably that makes this model of Dash Rendar’s Outrider by The Solitary Dark the second coolest spaceship in the universe. For those who don’t know, Dash Rendar was a character who appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and was basically a […]

It Ain’t Pretty But it Works

You might recall I said I had a thing for unusual spaceship designs. A few days back I saw that skilled builder .Tromas was working out the angles on something using a concept sketch I recognised as a design I had seen before from the Star Wars universe – and which I had mentally bookmarked as being a good […]

Hunting for Bounty

I’m not a bounty hunter, and I’ve sadly never travelled in space. However if I did I’d happy combine the two and can think of no better way than this awesome ship by Tromas. I love the way the builder has combined the hexagonal shape of the fuselage with the neat bubble cockpit and I […]

Millennium Falcon

Flickr user Marshal Banana has already taken the internet by storm with his awesome Millennium Falcon MOC. With over 7500 pieces it features working lighting and is sturdy enough to be swooshable. I have to admit I’m suffering from a serious case of Falcon envy.