It seems we’re spoiled for contests at the moment, for no sooner do we get the Real World +200 Years Starfighter Contest but FBTB.net drops their Star Wars micro/midi contest. The goal here is to build a Star Wars MOC in either the “microfighter” style of pocket-money LEGO sets; or in “midi-scale”. This latter is […]

At! At! At!

We take our spaceships-only policy very seriously; and it’s not infrequently that something comes along so heartbreakingly astounding it practically demands to be blogged; but it’s inconveniently a mecha/rover/sausage or something. Fortunately this amazing dio by GolPlaysWithLego has snowspeeders in it, which are spaceships, right (RIGHT?!) so it’s fair game. This is the third version he’s […]

Hammer Time!

Whatever else you may think about Rogue One, you’ve got to agree they did a nice job putting in references to the other films and TV series. One that got fans of the Rebels TV series purring like kittens was the scene where a Hammerhead Corvette rams a Star Destroyer. Cue this LEGO version by […]

A Harrowing Tale

Every now and again a MOC presents itself which I try to blog and realise I’ve got nothing to say other than “Oh my god that’s AMAZING!”. One such case was the Harrower Class Star Destroyer model by Koen Zwanenburg (Koen on Flickr). Not quite a SHIP at 75cm long and consisting of about 5,700 elements; it […]

Lobsters iiiin Spaaaaaaace!

The producers of Return of the Jedi decided the rebels needed a large capital ship to be their equivalent of the Star Destroyer. Thus was born the Mon Calamari cruiser, as modelled here by Baciccia_1978. Like the B-Wing I blogged recently, the Mon Calamari filming model wasn’t particularly popular with the special effects team. Whereas the […]

B-eleive in Yourself

I’m a fan of the unusual, that which defies convention. So I’ve always had a bit of a spaceship crush on the B-Wing fighter, as expertly built here in LEGO by Renegade Clone. X-Wings, Y-Wings and A-Wings are all really cool as well; but the B-Wing is different. It’s not a conventional swooshy plane-like shape; it flies on […]

The Rogue One

According to The Art of Rogue One, they went through hundreds of designs for “Jyn’s Ship” before settling on what became the U-Wing. It’s a bit of a shame then that for much of the movie the stolen Imperial Cargo Shuttle takes the limelight, even earning the eponymous call-sign “Rogue One”. That vehicle is also […]


You wait ages for a troop carrying rebel Starfighter and then two come along at once. Unlike SPARKART!’s midi-scale offering, Joshua Brookes‘ is built at minifig scale, a bit larger and more accurate than the official LEGO set. It’s basically Fully Awesome, and the only nitpick I have is the square opening of the engine […]

Nothing Compares to U

Like every other warm blooded nerd on the planet I have now seen ROGUE ONE and certified it to be made of 100% pure Star Wars. I thought the movie was thoroughly entertaining and a wonderful set up to the action of the original 1977 movie. I am also slightly in love with the film’s curvaceous […]