Welcome to the Real World

Whilst I’ve been away The Real World +200 Starfighter Contest became a thing. The premise is to build a minifig scale starfighter type space vehicle as it might appear 200 years hence in the year 2217. What this translates into is that the models can’t be complete flights of fancy, they’re going to need to […]

Driving a Wedge

Some time back I blogged a spaceship that was clearly based on a lifting body concept, like a more advanced futuristic take on the aborted X-33. Builder Nick has taken that concept to the next level with his SAB S-44 Kestrel, evolving a similar shape into a further-future Starfighter. It’s the black and white colour scheme that […]


File this under “I didn’t realise this was LEGO until I clicked on it”. Builder Lia Chan has made this fantastically detailed large scale model of the SLS – the “Space Launch System” proposed replacement for the Space Shuttle which will (possibly) ferry future crews to earth orbit, the ISS and the moon. She’s also […]

Realistic Spacieness

It’s been a while since I’ve used the real space tag, so… These models by Damien Labrousse really stand out for me as excellent examples of plausible near-future spacecraft, done really well in microscale. The above is an Exploration Ship and I love the heatshield thing at the front and the mid section with its jumble of […]

Lifting the Spirits

When the International Space Station was first designed, the plan was for a crew of seven astronauts to be permanently based in orbit. The necessity to transport them swiftly back to earth in the event of an emergency led to the development of the Crew Return Vehicle or CRV, a seven-man lifeboat that that could […]

One small steppe for a man

When the Americans got to the moon in 1969 the Russians quietly shelved their plans for a lunar landing. Those plans were never nearly as concrete as the Americans, and were hindered by the fact their massive N-1 rocket blew up on take off consistently six times in a row. But they had already developed their lunar […]

Mars or Bust

This is the first post I’ve made of a virtual model constructed in LDD. I use LDD myself to design MOCs and then source the parts via BrickLink in order to construct the model, mainly because I don’t have a ton of LEGO at hand nor a dedicated space to keep it. AFOL anon has used […]


“Pashli” is a Russian word meaning “Let’s go”; which I believe was said by Yuri Gagarin as he waited for blast-off on the launchpad. Meantime Tyler has knocked out this splendid model of a Russian Soyuz capsule, a workhorse of manned spaceflight for nearly 50 years. It’s fitting perhaps that this should be the first post tagged “Real Space” […]