To Boldly Tank

I don’t have any bulk liquids I need to haul through the icy vastness of space, but if I did this space tanker by Gamabomb would be ideal. I applaud the use of those big blue curve pieces and I love the contrast between the smooth surface of the tank and all the greebly bits around the edges. […]


One of the criticisms often thrown at LEGO today is that it’s all big specialised pieces that really only serve one purpose and can’t be made into anything else; such as this big dumb skateboard ramp piece. Fortunately F@bz isn’t listening to that kind of daft arse talk, because he built it into a spaceship.  

And Now For Something Completely Different

This MOC by Leonardo Lopez leapt out at me immediately because of the distinctive dark blue and yellow colour scheme, the unusual arrangement of the cockpit and the unconventional design. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before, yet manages to look functional and utilitarian. It also has about 900 incredible uses of unusual parts, like these yellow […]