The fine folks over at New Elementary are running a Parts Festival around the “Nexogon”; the 6 sided shield piece that comes with the new Nexo Knights Battle Suits. Whilst this is really interesting, neither the Nexo Knights, their Battle Suits or the Nexogon are a spaceship. Fortunately, Neil Crosby has built one from them. Phew. It’s […]

Play Space

What do I like about this little Cargo Spaceship by spaceruner? One word: playability. This is a really sweet little build that would have been enormous fun to play with when I was 8 years old. It’s got this really cute square shape, marked out in a striking colour scheme with yellow edges and a fun […]

Future Classics

This excellent Classic Space MOC by Bongobert successfully combines the essence of Classic Space (blue, grey, trans-yellow, bumblebee stripes) with a very modern aesthetic. I really like the engine pods with the reversed jet engine piece and the big flag; and the cockpit has a kind of insect-like attitude which looks particularly menacing as it hovers overhead. […]

Rover!? Walker!? SPACESHIP!

I’m still annoyed it’s Febrovery and Flickr is stuffed with awesome rovers, and when I saw James Zhan‘s fantastic model I initially sighed because it’s got big “wheels” at the front. Then I saw it also walks and was confused. But then I saw it’s all called “spacecraft” and rejoiced! It’s basically awesome. The colour scheme […]

Slap a few nurnies on it

“Slap a few nurnies on it, coat of paint, walk away.” was the mantra of the late Ron Thornton, modelmaker and VFX supervisor of Babylon 5. “Nurnies” are synonymous with “Greebles”, being the little detail bits that cover sci-fi spaceships. These were traditionally parts culled from plastic model kits, but in LEGO spaceship modelling must […]

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

It’s Febrovery, which means Flickr is crammed with photos of really amazing, imaginative space rovers of one kind or another. However this blog’s singular focus on spaceships means we have to skip over them, but I am going to allow this model by ledamu12 through on the basis that it flies, so it’s at least kind […]

B-eleive in Yourself

I’m a fan of the unusual, that which defies convention. So I’ve always had a bit of a spaceship crush on the B-Wing fighter, as expertly built here in LEGO by Renegade Clone. X-Wings, Y-Wings and A-Wings are all really cool as well; but the B-Wing is different. It’s not a conventional swooshy plane-like shape; it flies on […]