Welcome to the Real World

Whilst I’ve been away The Real World +200 Starfighter Contest became a thing. The premise is to build a minifig scale starfighter type space vehicle as it might appear 200 years hence in the year 2217. What this translates into is that the models can’t be complete flights of fancy, they’re going to need to […]

Classic Views

When 70816 Benny’s Spaceship appeared a few years back, fans of Classic Space rejoiced because a) LEGO made an official Classic Space set! and b) it had a fantastic yellow cockpit windscreen piece which made a whole new slew of Classic Space MOCs possible. Joining their illustrious ranks is the LL-527 Rapier class fighter by […]

Driving a Wedge

Some time back I blogged a spaceship that was clearly based on a lifting body concept, like a more advanced futuristic take on the aborted X-33. Builder Nick has taken that concept to the next level with his SAB S-44 Kestrel, evolving a similar shape into a further-future Starfighter. It’s the black and white colour scheme that […]


This is an older build by the talented Damien Labrousse, but caught my eye for its really daring design. It’s entirely asymmetrical, with one side dominated by a big fin and the engine block; whilst the other has a smaller fin and gun/sensor pod thingy. I know from experience that these asymmetrical designs are harder […]

Upright is Alright

Nick Trotta has built a new LEGO spaceship. It’s called Volkite and, breaking the tradition of all Nick’s previous work it’s vertically oriented. Remember how I said I was a huge fan of Nick’s work? And how I love unconventional designs e.g. the B-Wing? Well this is pretty much gravy for me… Right now there’s […]


The fine folks over at New Elementary are running a Parts Festival around the “Nexogon”; the 6 sided shield piece that comes with the new Nexo Knights Battle Suits. Whilst this is really interesting, neither the Nexo Knights, their Battle Suits or the Nexogon are a spaceship. Fortunately, Neil Crosby has built one from them. Phew. It’s […]

Play Space

What do I like about this little Cargo Spaceship by spaceruner? One word: playability. This is a really sweet little build that would have been enormous fun to play with when I was 8 years old. It’s got this really cute square shape, marked out in a striking colour scheme with yellow edges and a fun […]