To Boldly Begin

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed I didn’t post anything for over a month, but I’m back now and off the starting blocks in fine form with this lovely model of the Enterprise XCV-330 by TheNerdyOne_. This is precursor to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 only ever glimpsed briefly as a picture in a scene from Star Trek: […]

Virtual! Virtual! Virtual!

I’m pretty sure this is the first post I’ve done about a virtual spaceship, created using LEGO building software and rendered in 3D. This is odd because a) I build all my MOCs in LDD as well and b) I run a CGI animation studio, so I’m very familiar with 3D, rendering and such. The Antares […]

Guuuuns Iiiin Spaaaace!

Aliens has a lot to answer for. The sequences with the Colonial Marines hunting Aliens through the spooky corridors of the base is probably the single biggest influence on video games to this day. Not only that, they arrived a pretty cool spaceship: the Sulaco, a brutal looking dark grey slab of warlike intent. Likewise, the […]

To Boldly Tank

I don’t have any bulk liquids I need to haul through the icy vastness of space, but if I did this space tanker by Gamabomb would be ideal. I applaud the use of those big blue curve pieces and I love the contrast between the smooth surface of the tank and all the greebly bits around the edges. […]

Meet the Fleet

It was Brickworld last week, and US builders are beginning to post the creations they took to the show. Tim Schwalfenberg gives us not one but FOUR amazing Homeworld builds, including one SHIP. First up the Vagyr Corvette is a zippy little number that flies around shooting things. The Vaygr Missile Frigate lives up to its […]

Decloaked and Delightful

A while back a colleague of mine suggested I could build a D’deridex Class Romulan Warbird from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I took a look at some photos, noticed the complex curves and hollow structure and lost interest.  Fortunately however Jon Munz was undaunted: This is an incredible model, and Jon has really nailed the distinctive shape with […]

Brick 2.0

This latest build by ska2d2 makes a bold design decision: it’s basically just a box with details. There’s literally almost no shape to it whatsoever apart from this big vertical box and the interest really lies in the detailing the builder has covered it in. I’ll be honest I’m a bit confused about the scale of the […]