Big Green Machine

NuthinButTheRain got a bunch of olive green parts and built a spaceship! The USS Maverick is a Hornet Class Frigate and fits nicely in a school of starship design informed heavily by the Sulaco from Aliens. The olive green colour leaves us in no doubt that it’s a military vehicle, just in case we didn’t notice […]

And Now For Something Completely Different

This SHIP by Cecilie Fritzvold isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. A peaceful vessel of exploration, the Zea’x Dauphyz is faintly reminiscent of a blue whale, in the way it gracefully seems to hang in space. There the comparison stops however, because this spaceship uses some really mind-bending construction techniques to make elaborate curved surfaces speckled with trans-green; […]

Lobsters iiiin Spaaaaaaace!

The producers of Return of the Jedi decided the rebels needed a large capital ship to be their equivalent of the Star Destroyer. Thus was born the Mon Calamari cruiser, as modelled here by Baciccia_1978. Like the B-Wing I blogged recently, the Mon Calamari filming model wasn’t particularly popular with the special effects team. Whereas the […]

Realistic Spacieness

It’s been a while since I’ve used the real space tag, so… These models by Damien Labrousse really stand out for me as excellent examples of plausible near-future spacecraft, done really well in microscale. The above is an Exploration Ship and I love the heatshield thing at the front and the mid section with its jumble of […]

Slap a few nurnies on it

“Slap a few nurnies on it, coat of paint, walk away.” was the mantra of the late Ron Thornton, modelmaker and VFX supervisor of Babylon 5. “Nurnies” are synonymous with “Greebles”, being the little detail bits that cover sci-fi spaceships. These were traditionally parts culled from plastic model kits, but in LEGO spaceship modelling must […]

Lifting the Spirits

When the International Space Station was first designed, the plan was for a crew of seven astronauts to be permanently based in orbit. The necessity to transport them swiftly back to earth in the event of an emergency led to the development of the Crew Return Vehicle or CRV, a seven-man lifeboat that that could […]

Space Station! Space Station! Space Station!

Whilst we’re flush with spaceships, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged a space station. So I’m really pleased Damien Labrousse not only built an awesome one, he built a Classic Space one too! This little beauty is actually loads bigger than it looks (those are 4×4 black and yellow round bricks, not 2×2 round plates) and the […]