At! At! At!

We take our spaceships-only policy very seriously; and it’s not infrequently that something comes along so heartbreakingly astounding it practically demands to be blogged; but it’s inconveniently a mecha/rover/sausage or something. Fortunately this amazing dio by GolPlaysWithLego has snowspeeders in it, which are spaceships, right (RIGHT?!) so it’s fair game. This is the third version he’s […]

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

It’s Febrovery, which means Flickr is crammed with photos of really amazing, imaginative space rovers of one kind or another. However this blog’s singular focus on spaceships means we have to skip over them, but I am going to allow this model by ledamu12 through on the basis that it flies, so it’s at least kind […]

The Need for Speed

This MOC by FonsoSac is described as a “landspeeder” so maybe it’s not a spaceship. However it’s got massive spacey engines and looks like it’s in a Star Wars vein, so what the hell. It’s a really nice little build, which crams a lot into a small space. The dark blue colour scheme is fantastic and the massive […]


Red Spacecat brings us this extraordinary CFX-7 PEREGRINE UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle). The shape is amazing and the blocky wings angled at 45 degrees really serve to establish this as a futuristic stealth vehicle. The use of stickers also really helps that: they’re few and far between, but the USAF logo, chevrons and “no step” markings firmly ground […]