Hammer Time!

Whatever else you may think about Rogue One, you’ve got to agree they did a nice job putting in references to the other films and TV series. One that got fans of the Rebels TV series purring like kittens was the scene where a Hammerhead Corvette rams a Star Destroyer. Cue this LEGO version by […]

A Harrowing Tale

Every now and again a MOC presents itself which I try to blog and realise I’ve got nothing to say other than “Oh my god that’s AMAZING!”. One such case was the Harrower Class Star Destroyer model by Koen Zwanenburg (Koen on Flickr). Not quite a SHIP at 75cm long and consisting of about 5,700 elements; it […]

Virtual! Virtual! Virtual!

I’m pretty sure this is the first post I’ve done about a virtual spaceship, created using LEGO building software and rendered in 3D. This is odd because a) I build all my MOCs in LDD as well and b) I run a CGI animation studio, so I’m very familiar with 3D, rendering and such. The Antares […]

Carrion Bounty Hunting

Carrion? Carry-on? Get it?! Oh never mind. MEANWHILE over on Flickr BobDeQuatre posted this lovely little KH-1 Vulture Bounty Hunter ship. This is one of those groovy designs that has to swivel and fold up in order to land – like this: Vulture… Carrion? CARRY ON Bounty Hunting. Nobody?! C’mon!

A Sharp Intake (of breath)

This is our second virtual build – and it’s a doozy. I love the slick shaping of this little Scrapper Shuttle by tsower; with its neat blue/grey colour scheme and really impressive white markings. But it was the intakes on those big engines that caught my eye – there’s a really nice use of the tapered […]