The Rogue One

According to The Art of Rogue One, they went through hundreds of designs for “Jyn’s Ship” before settling on what became the U-Wing. It’s a bit of a shame then that for much of the movie the stolen Imperial Cargo Shuttle takes the limelight, even earning the eponymous call-sign “Rogue One”. That vehicle is also […]

Justice Wins ALWAYS!

A while back I blogged the excellent Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost by Billyburg and noted the similarity to another great set: 10191 Star Justice, a LEGO Factory set from 2008 which was designed by LEGO fan Chris Giddens. You got a couple of neat little spaceships, a truck/rover thing that hinged in the middle, a […]

Support the Classics

I’m remiss in not sooner sharing this wonderful LEGO Ideas submission from billyburg. Why? CLASSIC SPACE. The Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost is a fantastic little playset featuring three main models: a 6 wheeled Lunar Utility Vehicle for driving about the lunar surface, a Lunar Surface Skimmer for zipping across and mapping the lunar surface and a larger Galaxy […]