Meet the Fleet

It was Brickworld last week, and US builders are beginning to post the creations they took to the show. Tim Schwalfenberg gives us not one but FOUR amazing Homeworld builds, including one SHIP. First up the Vagyr Corvette is a zippy little number that flies around shooting things. The Vaygr Missile Frigate lives up to its […]

Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!

S.H.I.P. – Seriously Huge Investment in Parts – A LEGO spaceship model of over 100 studs in length (80cm). This massive Hiigaran Destroyer by Aaron Fiskum certainly qualifies both on the size criteria and what must be a ton of LEGO elements contained therein. It’s a nice model too, with some great shaping to recreate the original model seen in […]

Not Dark Bley

The last time I blogged a MOC by ska2d2 I jokingly said he’d “broken out the dark bley again” and in fairness if you scroll through his Flickr feed there is a lot of it in there. I don’t know if he heard me (probably not) but suffice to say he’s broken out of his Bley Period with this […]

The Devil’s in the Detail

I know that there is a thing called Homeworld and that it’s some sort of computer game, but that’s ALL I know about it. However, Damien Labrousse has built this amazing Vaygr Minelayer which I know for sure is twelve types of awesome with an extra helping of awesome sauce. I love the way he’s cleverly used pieces to […]