Classic Views

When 70816 Benny’s Spaceship appeared a few years back, fans of Classic Space rejoiced because a) LEGO made an official Classic Space set! and b) it had a fantastic yellow cockpit windscreen piece which made a whole new slew of Classic Space MOCs possible. Joining their illustrious ranks is the LL-527 Rapier class fighter by […]


The fine folks over at New Elementary are running a Parts Festival around the “Nexogon”; the 6 sided shield piece that comes with the new Nexo Knights Battle Suits. Whilst this is really interesting, neither the Nexo Knights, their Battle Suits or the Nexogon are a spaceship. Fortunately, Neil Crosby has built one from them. Phew. It’s […]

Future Classics

This excellent Classic Space MOC by Bongobert successfully combines the essence of Classic Space (blue, grey, trans-yellow, bumblebee stripes) with a very modern aesthetic. I really like the engine pods with the reversed jet engine piece and the big flag; and the cockpit has a kind of insect-like attitude which looks particularly menacing as it hovers overhead. […]

Space Station! Space Station! Space Station!

Whilst we’re flush with spaceships, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged a space station. So I’m really pleased Damien Labrousse not only built an awesome one, he built a Classic Space one too! This little beauty is actually loads bigger than it looks (those are 4×4 black and yellow round bricks, not 2×2 round plates) and the […]

Justice Wins ALWAYS!

A while back I blogged the excellent Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost by Billyburg and noted the similarity to another great set: 10191 Star Justice, a LEGO Factory set from 2008 which was designed by LEGO fan Chris Giddens. You got a couple of neat little spaceships, a truck/rover thing that hinged in the middle, a […]

Support the Classics

I’m remiss in not sooner sharing this wonderful LEGO Ideas submission from billyburg. Why? CLASSIC SPACE. The Lunar Exploration Geological Outpost is a fantastic little playset featuring three main models: a 6 wheeled Lunar Utility Vehicle for driving about the lunar surface, a Lunar Surface Skimmer for zipping across and mapping the lunar surface and a larger Galaxy […]

A Classy Classic

How did I never see this before?!? I’ve been thinking about building a Classic Space MOC myself lately and had worked out all these rules for what I think a Classic Space ship should be: functional, clean lines, exploration centred (no massive guns). Then I stumble upon this incredible ship by Mark Sandlin which ticks all my boxes! This […]

More Nnenn

In an earlier post I extolled the virtues of legendary builder Nnenn. Here’s another of his wonderful creations from 2010: Obviously, it’s a Classic Space build, resplendent in grey, blue, trans-yellow canopies and with those signature yellow-black-yellow stripes. But the real awesomeness of this is the fantastic shaping he’s achieved with really quite simple parts, and […]