Classic Views

When 70816 Benny’s Spaceship appeared a few years back, fans of Classic Space rejoiced because a) LEGO made an official Classic Space set! and b) it had a fantastic yellow cockpit windscreen piece which made a whole new slew of Classic Space MOCs possible. Joining their illustrious ranks is the LL-527 Rapier class fighter by Wami Delthorn.


Wami’s mounted the window upside down for some extra fun, which affords the pilot and navigator/weapons guy/freeloader fantastic views of wherever they’re swooshing next. He’s also used all sorts of angles to build up the impressive shape of the craft, from the cockpit itself leaning at an angle to body, to the wings canted just off the right angle and those neat air intakes scooping in above them.

LL-527 Rapier class fighter

I also really like the way he’s recycled touchstones of the Classic Space design formula into such a slick and modern build, e.g. the yellow window behind the cockpit, and the blue spoiler fin which wraps around the main engines and cleverly uses technic pieces to give it a smooth, modern look. He’s also given it a really neat landing pad so it’s got somewhere to call home between swooshings.

Control Tower and Landing Pad

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