File this under “I didn’t realise this was LEGO until I clicked on it”. Builder Lia Chan has made this fantastically detailed large scale model of the SLS – the “Space Launch System” proposed replacement for the Space Shuttle which will (possibly) ferry future crews to earth orbit, the ISS and the moon.


She’s also photographed the model at night and with fantastic interior lighting on the gantry, which is what’s sold this so readily as being a real photo rather than a LEGO model. In fact the gantry is the larger and probably more complex build, with every little handrail and access area faithfully modelled.

SLS Night

Politics means it’s dubious whether the SLS will ever take off, but Lia’s excellent model is already out of this world! Sorry, that terrible pun will have to tide you over while we wait for LEGO’s own, official, ideas set of the Saturn V rocket, due to be announced soon.

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