Colony! Colony! Colony!

I love the idea of a gigantic starship sailing through space to colonize a new planet; but what exactly are you going to DO when you get there? Sunder_59 knows the answer – you’re going to deploy all the specialist colonisation equipment the big starship brought with it, of course!


Behold the Patriach Class Colonial Ship. Firstly, this is an excellent MOC which uses some clever building techniques to achieve its shape. I particularly like the elegant slope of the nose which uses (I presume) the slight degree of bending available with lots of small pieces. The details are also great, like the centrifuge (?) section, the raised bridge and viewing area at the side; and I love the embedded hangar bay for little microscale shuttles.

Patriarch class colonial ship

But it’s the thought that’s gone into the functionality of the cargo that really sets this apart for me. The builder has developed a series of cargo modules that fit nearly into the revolving racks on the underside and can be ferried down to planetary surfaces to build an entire plasticy colony!

Patriarch class colonial ship

There’s what look like habitation modules, reactor units, cargo pods of different shapes and sizes and even little biodomes so they have something to eat. Check out some of Sunder_59‘s other pictures where the different modules are loaded into the ship for transport.

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