In the Future, there will be Jetpacks

It’s 2017 already and still no jetpacks. At least .Tromas. has built one out of LEGO. Kinda.

Thales Orbital Defence - FRS.21 Tursiops

It’s not really a jetpack, in fact it’s a kind of spaceship I’ve not seen before; based on some concept art by Prog Wang. It seems to surround a spacesuited pilot entirely, but still let him manually point a big gun and flap his arms and legs about (presumably when he shoots something exciting).

Thales Orbital Defence - FRS.21 Tursiops

Tromas’ model is excellent, channeling the spirit of the concept artwork in blocky minifig scale and adding some awesome details. I particularly like the subtle and sparing use of colours to break up the white – the tan slope, those olive green 1×1 plates and a light blue 2×2 round plate; as well as some well-chosen stickers.

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