Big Green Machine

NuthinButTheRain got a bunch of olive green parts and built a spaceship!

USS Maverick

The USS Maverick is a Hornet Class Frigate and fits nicely in a school of starship design informed heavily by the Sulaco from Aliens. The olive green colour leaves us in no doubt that it’s a military vehicle, just in case we didn’t notice the two massive guns on swivel mounts on each side…

USS Maverick

I love the styling of this, which borrows liberally from contermorary warships and submarines in the design of the bridge and e.g. the “missile tubes” on the deck; and gives a very believable and relateable feel. But what makes this model especially interesting is that it’s part of a much more ambitious project: an entire FLEET of themed warships of different scales and roles; some also built by Red Spacecat

Size comparison

In fact NuthinButTheRain‘s plans seem to stretch to a MASSIVE variant, a SHIP of over 144 studs length which will dwarf the Maveric. He’s designing all this in, the new building software from the Bricklink folks; and has already laid down a sturdy frame of technic which does, literally, dwarf the Maveric.

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