Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

This LEGO Starfighter by Faber Mandragore is the visual equivalent of a punch in the face! I love the two huge, brutal side engines and the big, somewhat ugly cockpit section. The whole thing looks functional and entirely no-nonsense; like a mean right hook to the jaw. The colour scheme is also spot on, primarily light […]

Lifting the Spirits

When the International Space Station was first designed, the plan was for a crew of seven astronauts to be permanently based in orbit. The necessity to transport them swiftly back to earth in the event of an emergency led to the development of the Crew Return Vehicle or CRV, a seven-man lifeboat that that could […]

The Rogue One

According to The Art of Rogue One, they went through hundreds of designs for “Jyn’s Ship” before settling on what became the U-Wing. It’s a bit of a shame then that for much of the movie the stolen Imperial Cargo Shuttle takes the limelight, even earning the eponymous call-sign “Rogue One”. That vehicle is also […]