Rover!? Walker!? SPACESHIP!

I’m still annoyed it’s Febrovery and Flickr is stuffed with awesome rovers, and when I saw James Zhan‘s fantastic model I initially sighed because it’s got big “wheels” at the front. Then I saw it also walks and was confused. But then I saw it’s all called “spacecraft” and rejoiced!


It’s basically awesome. The colour scheme of bright orange with dark grey is stellar, the design is excellent and includes some really clever angling of pieces to make the surrounds for the cockpit; also top marks for presentation with the little landing pad diorama. Oh and then the walking


The model’s loaded with nice details, such as the orange/grey diagonal stripe on the end of the “legs”, and the transparent round “wheel” thing at the end. There’s also some very tasty greebling, which I’ll be stealing just as soon as I see a suitable space for it. Let’s remind ourselves it’s a spaceship and rejoice!


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