It was the dawn of the Third Age of Awesomeness…

I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to go ahead and blog a WIP because it’s just so damn amazing. It’s SHIPtember and Ryan Olsen is building the Agamemnon from Babylon 5.

Omega Destroyer WIP 14: Stickers and Starfuries!

It’s been jaw dropping watching this thing come together over the last few weeks from his initial plans, to some rudimentary bits and a meaty but uninspiring central core and then before you know it BOOM it’s a spaceship! He’s done this in 19 days so far – it takes me MONTHS to build something even a fraction of this size.

Omega Destroyer WIP 17: Improved Ring Structure

That aside it’s already a great model, faithful to the original, capturing the overall essence of the design but working really nicely in the LEGO medium. The detailing on the centrifuge is outstanding and I love the engine section with its careful use of colours to give a more industrial feel.

Omega Destroyer WIP 13: Greebles!

It’s a WIP so it would only make sense to constructively criticise a little: I don’t get the rows of trans red 1×1 round tiles on the sides. What are they supposed to represent? It doesn’t seem to fit the overall ethos that they’d be lighty-up bits. Also he’s GOT to motorise the centrifuge – don’t tell me there’s no room for a Power Functions motor in there somewhere!

Omega Destroyer WIP 15: Stickers and Starfuries!

But I’m nitpicking because he’s got custom stickers! And teeny tiny Starfuries! And I reckon you could swoosh it too! And it’s not even September yet! ARRGGHHH it’s so AWESOME!




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