Virtual! Virtual! Virtual!

I’m pretty sure this is the first post I’ve done about a virtual spaceship, created using LEGO building software and rendered in 3D. This is odd because a) I build all my MOCs in LDD as well and b) I run a CGI animation studio, so I’m very familiar with 3D, rendering and such.

Antares Starship

The Antares is built by Matt Mazian and it’s really good. He’s created an brilliant texture to the top of the model with various hinged flags, ingots, spoiler pieces and a ski. He’s also used bucket handles, which all together gives a great sense of scale; these pieces allowing finer detail than can be achieved with regular bricks. The underside’s pretty tidy too:

Antares Starship

I’m pretty sure he’s used pieces in colours that LEGO don’t actually make, so you’d have to change the colour scheme in order to actually construct it and swoosh it about shouting “Spaceship!”

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