Upper Case “Y” Wing

.Tromas has obviously been seduced by the Dark Side or something, because he seems to have developed an uncanny knack for cracking out Star Wars MOCs which spectacularly nail the Star Wars style in all sorts of exciting new forms. Exhibit Y: the Koensayr YT-T3 Invader.


Koensayr YT-T3 Invader

Basically it’s a supersized Y Wing with two pilots up front (I love that one of them faces backward) and a compartment at the back for a squad of troopers (plus their kit and junk). It’s kind of the Star Wars equivalent of a real world IFV like the Bradley. Like I said up front, he’s wonderfully nailed the style and this could sit in a Star Wars movie comfortably alongside the real thing. In fact little birds tell me there might be something very similar in Rogue One…

Koensayr YT-T3 Invader

I’ve also really enjoyed watching the progression of his work in progress shots on Flickr. He seems to be working with a clear direction and he’s got a great style that’s slick but not laboured or over complicated.

Big Ass Y-Wing WIP

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