Meet the Fleet

It was Brickworld last week, and US builders are beginning to post the creations they took to the show. Tim Schwalfenberg gives us not one but FOUR amazing Homeworld builds, including one SHIP. First up the Vagyr Corvette is a zippy little number that flies around shooting things.

Vaygr Corvette

The Vaygr Missile Frigate lives up to its name with missile pods on the sides for shooting at things.

Vaygr Missile Frigate

The Vaygr Carrier isn’t closely based on a specific ship from Homeworld. I love the open hatch in the top side – you can just imagine little fighters zipping out to shoot at things.

Vaygr Carrier

Finally, the Vaygr Destroyer is a SHIP at 101 studs in length. Unusually it’s asymmetrical and has a nice angle to the big white pods either side. I can’t see any guns, but the name leads me to think it shoots at things and destroys them.

Vaygr Destroyer

Obviously, all the models work really well together because they share a strong colour scheme and, despite their very different designs, have a similar aesthetic. What really makes them stand out for me however is the level of detailing built into them. There’s greebling in dark grey filling in gaps and occupying a more industrial, mechanical sense. But elsewhere the white hull surfaces (which could have been largely brick-smooth) are broken up with endless variations of detail and interest. All of this detail feels functional and relevant, but it doesn’t overwhelm the shapes nor look like someone’s just randomly stuck elements all over the outside.

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