Red Spacecat brings us this extraordinary CFX-7 PEREGRINE UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle). The shape is amazing and the blocky wings angled at 45 degrees really serve to establish this as a futuristic stealth vehicle. The use of stickers also really helps that: they’re few and far between, but the USAF logo, chevrons and “no step” markings firmly ground […]

More Nnenn

In an earlier post I extolled the virtues of legendary builder Nnenn. Here’s another of his wonderful creations from 2010: Obviously, it’s a Classic Space build, resplendent in grey, blue, trans-yellow canopies and with those signature yellow-black-yellow stripes. But the real awesomeness of this is the fantastic shaping he’s achieved with really quite simple parts, and […]

And Now For Something Completely Different

This MOC by Leonardo Lopez leapt out at me immediately because of the distinctive dark blue and yellow colour scheme, the unusual arrangement of the cockpit and the unconventional design. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before, yet manages to look functional and utilitarian. It also has about 900 incredible uses of unusual parts, like these yellow […]

…Off the Starboard Bow

Every now and again you come across a MOC that you see and immediately think “that’s awesome, I’m going to build that too”. Such is the case with this splendid Klingon Battlecruiser from Riskjockey. He’s captured the iconic shape, given it just enough detail at microscale AND built a scaled USS Enterprise so he can swoosh the two around […]

Classically classic

I keep thinking I’ll build a Classic Space MOC, then I realise I really need a good idea to make it work. A good case in point is this excellent build by Jerac. He’s ticked all the Classic Space boxes: grey and blue colour scene, yellow windscreen, black and yellow markings. But he’s also found a really neat layout […]