Seriously! Seriously! Seriously!

S.H.I.P. – Seriously Huge Investment in Parts – A LEGO spaceship model of over 100 studs in length (80cm). This massive Hiigaran Destroyer by Aaron Fiskum certainly qualifies both on the size criteria and what must be a ton of LEGO elements contained therein.

Hiigaran Destroyer

It’s a nice model too, with some great shaping to recreate the original model seen in the Homeworld game and a ton of greebly goodies. The colour scheme is well thought out too, with Light and Dark Grey used throughout and just enough splashes of orange that it doesn’t feel like a big grey brick.

Hiigaran Destroyer

To my considerably surprise this is the first SHIP we’ve covered and I shall try to dig up a few more in the next few weeks. With only 3 months until the annual SHIP building extravaganza SHIPtember I suspect many builders and hoarding parts in anticipation.

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